The chickens

Approximately 2500 one day old chicks arrive at the farm each month yielding a yearly production of 30 000 mature chickens. Their welfare is a constant concern: access to high quality feed, plenty of fresh water, and sufficient space to ensure their natural growth. Chickens are raised on a ten-week period (70 days) while conventional chickens are raised on a 34 days cycle. This approach allows the production of a lean high quality mature natural meat. It is thus tasty and healthy!

Thanks to our natural and non-intensive raising techniques, we produce for you a meat of superior quality. Tasty and low in fat, the Saveurs des monts chicken is quite similar to the capon that was raised by our grandparents. The ten-week rearing cycle allows the bird to reach maturity which gives the meat its full flavour.

Your favorite cuts are offered as well as processed products of superior quality. You will be able to find our products in the Boutique at the farm and in your favorite supermarkets as well as in many restaurants within the Outaouais region and the Laurentians.