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We deliver at home!



The Ferme aux saveurs des Monts offers products specifically for your fondue and raclette evenings.


  • Seasoned chicken breasts : Maple and pepper or Cilantro and lime
  • Pre-cooked sausages : Mild italian chicken, cranberries, fine herbs, apple turkey
  • More than 20 kind of sausages : Chicken, turkey, lamb merguez, bison, young goat, pork.
    Any kind of sausages from traditional fine herbs chicken to exotic red wine bison!


We offer delicious local meat, thinly sliced, ready to serve

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Bison
  • Beef

At the Ferme Aux Saveurs des Monts, you will discover chicken as nature intended.  The chicken is grain-fed, raised without antibiotics or animal by-products, runs free in the barn, and reaches maturity at a natural pace. The entire raising cycle, from the barn to the plate, occurs within less than 100 km radius!

Chicken is the farm’s highlight product, yet you can also find other local meat products and natural goods.  Products sold at the farm are produced in the Outaouais region, grown respecting a natural rate and animal wellness.

Be Alert! In the Outaouais, products are available at your local grocer, and you find them on your favorite local restaurants’ menu.

Come and visit us.  One visit will convince you, one bite will seduce you.

Sylvain Bertrand, producer